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WeReno provides credit services for homeowners and contractors. Your account comes with:

  • A Credit Card or Loan
  • Access to our best-in-class rewards program
  • Nice tools and features
WeReno doesn't charge fees for anything. There are no account minimums, overdraft fees, monthly fees, or account opening fees.

WeReno makes security a top priority. Some things we do to ensure your account safety include:

  • Requiring HTTPS on all pages, and use HSTS to ensure browsers only ever connect to us over a secure connection.
  • Employing a third party to perform penetration testing each year to check for vulnerabilities.
  • Storing passwords hashed with the bcrypt algorithm. We never store or log your plaintext password.
  • Using Time-based One Time Passwords for two-factor authentication. We never send authentication codes via insecure channels like SMS.
  • Encrypting our database and all uploaded images. We employ additional encryption for sensitive data, like social security numbers.
  • Never storing your credit card number.

Security and Privacy

We use your SIN solely to verify your identity. We do not check your credit score or perform any credit checks.
Plaid makes a product that allows users to securely connect bank accounts to apps. They’re used by companies like American Express and Venmo to authenticate and verify bank accounts instantly. This enables us to facilitate quick transfers between accounts and centralize your financial data on one dashboard. You can learn more about Plaid at

Credit Card

You can find details on making payments on your credit card or loan by visiting your Accounts page.
Your card should arrive in a plain white envelope to your business address within 8-10 business days of account approval. You can use a virtual card in the meantime.

You can replace your card by going to your WeReno dashboard, finding your credit card under its associated account page, and clicking Replace Card.

Go to the URL in the envelope and set a PIN for your card once you’ve received it.

Go to your WeReno dashboard and find your card under its associated account page. You’ll be able to change your PIN from that page.
Login to your WeReno account and check our support page to find contact details for us. You may also want to replace or cancel your card by going to your WeReno dashboard, finding your card under its associated account page, and clicking Replace Card.

WeReno Software Platform

It only takes a few hours to get your project set-up with a new workspace in the WeReno App. Billing integrations range from cash payments to financing, and WeReno will work with you and your contractor to make sure implementation is a painless experience.

The software platform is free with your WeReno credit account.

No! WeReno is a web-based application, easily accessible from all modern browsers. There is a no need to download an app or register to pay a bill, just click the link from the text message or e-mail and pay instantly.


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