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    For a small fee, one of our licensed home inspectors will inspect your contractor’s work, you’ll get payment protection coverage up to $100,000 and a 5-10 year warranty on your reno!


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    WeReno will send out a licensed home inspector at predetermined project milestones to document your project as well as to ensure that your renovation complies with manufacturer specifications as well as your local building code standards.

    Payment Processing

    WeReno will facilitate payment between you and your contractor. Pay with Credit Card, Debit, Cheque or use our Buy Now Pay Later program. With our money-back guarantee you can rest assured you won’t get misled or stiffed by your contractor.

    Warranty Coverage

    Since WeReno has the opportunity to inspect your renovation every step of the way, we are happy to back your project with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. No need to wait for your contractor, we’ll send out our own technicians for repairs.