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Client:Jimmy DuYear:2018Author:WeReno Team

Newly built modern homes have design elements that are everlasting yet classic. Each space is purpose-built and designed to maximize its space in the home. However, even newly built homes can be upgraded to encompass classic, timeless elements to enhance the space.

A client purchased a newly built home and was looking to add timeless classic elements to the home. WeReno did a walk-through with the client and understood the client’s vision. The client wanted to add wainscot throughout the home, coffered ceilings in main living spaces, and increase lighting throughout the main floor.

WeReno provided various designs for the wainscot and coffered ceilings. This allowed the client to understand each design and have alternatives so they would not feel limited. The designs allowed the client to see how the finished product would be reflected throughout the home and living spaces.

As for lighting, WeReno recommended to the client that there should be smooth ceilings throughout the home, instead of the textured ceilings provided by the home builder. This would allow the additional lights to compliment the coffered ceiling, wainscot, and enhance the overall space as smooth ceilings give the room an elegant appearance and blend seamlessly into the walls.

The client was amazed how small additions to the new home would enhance the living space and provide a new look with the additional elements. The ample lighting added throughout the living space created a bright main floor, that provided an elegant appearance and amplified the visual appeal of the wainscot and coffered ceilings.

The client was pleased with the transformation and value-added to their newly built home. The client is able to enjoy their home and appreciate the design elements reflected throughout the home.

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