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Client:Jason McTavishYear:2021Author:WeReno Team

Wainscoting is a favourite architectural elemental for many in a home. Whether it is a new home or an existing one, adding timeless classic pieces throughout the home is a great way to significantly increase the value of your home. They provide a visual, aesthetic joy and remains a staple in home design because it adheres to some very basic and perpetually true visual principles.

Our client envisioned a wainscot throughout the home, with a feature wall in one of the living spaces. This living space featured large windows which brought ample natural light into the room. The client wanted to have the feature wall there as it would be highlighted with natural light throughout the day and be visually appealing as they used this space for gatherings and dinners.

WeReno consulted the client on various designs that were possible in the home to truly understand the client’s vision and which best represented their needs. It’s important to understand each space and the vision to truly determine the best design for that space. A combination of various materials can be visually appealing in different ways to each person.

For the feature wall, it is important to create a timeless design that will create visual joy for the client and serve as a staple in the home. Our interior designer helped create the perfect design for the client’s needs as well as picking the right combination of materials to create an everlasting design.

WeReno provided a timeless design throughout the home with a stunning feature wall. The client was amazed and fell in love with their home. The natural light enhanced the feature wall and it was visually appealing from all angles. The home received a significant uplift in value and the client could truly enjoy their home with friends and family.

The client opted to have paint done by another company (owned by their family member). As such the project images are in unpainted format.


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