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WeReno is a renovation platform transforming the $400 billion renovation industry. Today, doing a home renovation is an abysmal consumer experience and not easy for contractors either. WeReno democratizes access to high-end design, while combining design, construction, and materials into a streamlined experience. WeReno simplifies a complex and convoluted process and gives homeowners certainty on outcomes, quality, price, and time.

Project:CreditviewYear:2016Author:WeReno Team

Everyone has their own vision of what their dream home should entail. When designing your forever home and envisioning all of the unique features and elements you want to include, that is when the fun part of the building begins.

Our client desired a bright welcoming modern home and contacted WeReno to help deliver their needs.

WeReno consulted the client, secured permits and agreements with various trades, while the client secured lending and allowed their thoughts to be heard and understood by working with our interior designer.

During the construction phase, the client’s dream began to transform into reality. With regular site meetings, follow-ups with our interior designer and numerous walk-throughs, our client was informed throughout the entire process and felt comfortable with their decisions.

To create a bright living environment, we went with glass and steel doors and windows, French doors, and proper indoor lighting to improve the living environment. Beginning with increasing natural light, then adding overhead lights, and incorporating accent lighting helped us purpose design each space in the home.

The interior design incorporated modern elements which will remain timeless throughout the life of the home. Combining various elements from the flooring to the lighting allowed the house to reflect the thoughtful and intentional needs of the client, which allowed the client to enjoy their home. Some highlight features in the build include 12-foot ceilings in the basement, recessed lighting throughout, a custom granite kitchen island spanning over 8 feet wide and 10 feet long, and an enormous entryway with a custom chandelier.

The client was pleased with the building process and enjoyed watching their home take shape.


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