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Basement Finishing

WeReno is a renovation platform transforming the $400 billion renovation industry. Today, doing a home renovation is an abysmal consumer experience and not easy for contractors either. WeReno democratizes access to high-end design, while combining design, construction, and materials into a streamlined experience. WeReno simplifies a complex and convoluted process and gives homeowners certainty on outcomes, quality, price, and time.

Project:SandersonYear:2016Author:WeReno Team

Expanding the footprint of your house to unfinished spaces is a great investment and allows you to enjoy all spaces in your home. Our client had an unfinished basement that was not welcoming to guests when they would host events in their home. The basement was dark, cold, and lacked purpose-built features that allowed the homeowner to truly enjoy their space

The client consulted and worked with WeReno to design a concept plan that entailed an amazing wet bar, with enormous space for watching T.V. and to enjoy listening to music. The client did not want the music to create a major disturbance on the floor above.

WeReno encompassed a design that would reduce sound levels emitted to the second floor, had a stunning wet bar and fireplace, along with a comfortable seating area centred around the T.V. The interior designer created multiple designs which guided the client on the right finishes that best matched their vision. WeReno created an effective plan that was focused on delivering the project in a timely manner without any sacrifice on detail.

WeReno delivered a beautiful entertainment space for the client to enjoy. WeReno communicated to the client throughout the project to ensure they were updated on the status of all permits and inspections. The client was pleased to have collaborated with WeReno and enjoyed the journey from start to finish. The client saw the value in their investment and now has a welcoming space to host events that is breathtaking for any guest.

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