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Basement Finishing

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Client:Sammy SinghYear:2017Author:WeReno Team

Many homes have the capacity to upgrade their basement to an enjoyable space for their family. This can range from adding a bar, adding a home theatre to enjoy watching movies, or a play area for kids to enjoy without the mess consuming other spaces of the home.

Some basements can be transformed into a self-contained welling unit (comprised of kitchen, bathroom, facilities and bedrooms). This would allow homeowners to achieve the following:

  • An additional source of income by renting out to those who require a living space
  • Expands the usable space of the home
  • Increases the property value

The client was seeking a hybrid space in their basement space where it would allow them to host parties with a kitchen and open living space but also be used as a guest suite for family visiting from out of state. The client did not want to feel cold in their basement and wanted to leave the dark dated basement in the past.

The client met with our interior designer and laid out their visions and goals. WeReno worked with the city to achieve the correct permits, approvals, along with inspections (during construction) to ensure a safe comfortable space for the client. Existing windows were upgraded to egress windows which were required as per building code and they would allow more natural light into the basement. Also, recessed lighting was installed throughout the basement. Heating was modified to allow each space to remain warm throughout the winter and cool during the summer. Wainscoting was added to the living space as it is timeless and classic.

“I love my newly renovated basement and ensuite! From the planning stages to the completion of the project and beyond, the team answered all of my questions in a timely and satisfactory manner. I am very pleased with the finished product. Thanks WeReno. It was a pleasure working with you.”- Sammy.

The client was happy to work with WeReno as they were speechless once they saw the fully developed basement. All details were captured in the plan and executed to reality to make the client’s dreams come true. They felt WeReno was dependable throughout the process, made the right decisions, and kept them informed. WeReno alleviated all of the client’s concerns and created a space that may have seemed to only be a dream to the client but not to WeReno. Now the client enjoys their space, hosts parties, and provides a quiet comfortable place for their family and friends who visit from out of state.

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