We can guarantee that you won't get bamboozled by your contractor... Here's how we do it:

Step 1

Contractor Vetting

We perform background checks as well as reference checks on every contractor that we work with. Our system will verify a contractor's licenses, liability coverage and insurance coverage.

Step 2

Milestone based Inspections

We use predetermined milestones for every project at which we will send a licensed home inspector to inspect and verify compliance with building code standards as well as material manufacturer specifications.

Step 3

Payment Processing

You pay us and we pay your contractor once we ensure that the appropriate amount of work has been completed to the correct specifications. Never worry about getting taken advantage of again. Plus we'll reimburse your payment up to $100,000 if something goes wrong!

Step 4

Your warranty is only as good as the installation! We document and ensure that manufacturer specifications are adhered to. As such we're so confident that your project is done right, that we can back it with a 5-10 year warranty.

Rest assured with QA Inspections every step of the way.

We simplify the inspection process by breaking it down into 6 milestones. We’ll arrange for a licensed home inspector to conduct each of the inspections and report their findings to both you and your contractor.
  • Demolition

    The existing items in your home will be demolished and disposed of.

  • Rough-ins

    The new plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems will be roughed-in for your project.

  • Prep Work

    Your project will be prepped for final finishes. Roughly speaking this can include but is not limited to the building of new walls or niches, the installation of drywall/cement board, the application of waterproofing materials, etc.

  • Finishing

    Your project will have all of the finishes installed such as the tile, baseboard, trim work, drywall will be prepped for paint, painted and transitionary pieces will be installed between floors, etc.

  • Fixtures

    Your project's new fixtures will be installed. This can include but is not limited to your vanity, toilet, light fixtures, shower panel, shower fixtures, towel hangers, door handles, faucets, etc.

  • Final Touches

    Final touches will be made to your project. This can include but is not limited to caulking, paint touch-ups, refinements and optimization of your fixtures, minor aesthetic changes, etc.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions...

It only takes a few hours to get your project set-up with a new workspace in the WeReno App. Billing integrations range from cash payments to financing, and WeReno will work with you and your contractor to make sure implementation is a painless experience.

There is no upfront cost to providers. The cost is a small percentage of the total project cost based on project type. We never charge any fees beyond what we quoted you initially.

No! WeReno is a web-based application, easily accessible from all modern browsers. There is a no need to download an app or register to pay a bill, just click the link from the text message or e-mail and pay instantly.