For Homeowners

Start your reno in four easy steps.

Get an instant estimate

Use our online estimating tool to get a free price estimate for your renovation project.

Select funding type

Let us know whether you’d like to finance through us or pay for your project in full yourself.

Connect with a contractor

Meet with a vetted contractor who will walk through your home and finalize your project scope.

Renovate worry-free

Submit your funds into your Reno Wallet and release them only once milestones are completed.

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Full control of your funds.

We automatically allocate your funds into pre-set milestones that are only released to your contractor once they complete each task.

If you have any issues, you can dispute a milestone and we’ll intervene to make sure the issue is resolved immediately.

Safe and secure

Homeowners love us!

MW Hospitality
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Our bathrooms look great, everything was done properly and on time. We really loved the way this company does things.
Manny Dhaliwal
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Great experience! The software is so easy to use and many issues were found that we would not have noticed on our own.
Jay Somal
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Amazing experience, all the work done looks amazing and the entire process was seamless. Loved the communication and transparency.
Completion Guarantee

We guarantee project completion or your money back.

If for some reason your contractor is unable to finish your project, we'll step in with our network of contractors to get the job done at no extra cost to you.

Renovation financing made simple.

Ever wonder why you can finance a car with $0 down at 4.99% for 72 months but have to either refinance your home or pay out of pocket for renovations?

Turns out, renovation lenders can’t guarantee the allocation of funds when they give you money to renovate.

Our milestone-based escrow system helps guarantee the allocation of funds so we can give you a much better renovation financing experience with better rates and faster decisions.

3 year warranty on all projects.

We monitor and log every step of the renovation process using receipt capture and progress photos so we can back you with a 3 year warranty.

without the stress

FAQ- Homeowners

No, the price we quote for your renovation is the price you pay. No extra fees or surprises.

Financing is just one of the payment options we provide to homeowners. If you have the funds available to pay for your reno without financing, you can simply select “paying in cash” in the instant estimate form.

It’s simple, you can select from a variety of options when depositing funds into your WeReno wallet. These options include Interac etransfer, wire transfer and debit payments.

In the rare case that your project is completed underbudget, we will automatically issue you a cheque for the balance.

WeReno will give you a dedicated support agent who will help you throughout your renovation. If at any point you have an issue with your WeReno provided contractor, you can simply text or call your support agent and we’ll help resolve it. 

Milestone disputes are built in to our platform.

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