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Homeowners currently face the disparate choice between quality and cost in the home renovation market. For most, the thought of a renovation comes with the connotation of expensive design fees and high material costs. Yet, choosing more affordable options means compromising on the material quality and overall design.

Our aim is to tap in on the cost-savings advantage of group buys to make good designs more accessible to the masses. By introducing the concept of group buys to home renovations, we are creating economies of scale for homeowners – who, as of now, have been limited individually. With pre-designed packages, material and design fees can be lowered significantly-  reducing the overall renovation cost while maintaining quality.

Our vision is to establish group buys in home design as a viable renovation option. Together with a community of like-minded homeowners, we believe WeReno can deliver world-class quality at reasonable prices to more homeowners.

WeReno is leveraging economies of scale for renovation materials and design fees. Collective renovations allow homeowners to enjoy up to a 50% discount on their projects! Our all-in prices together with immersive virtual walk-throughs ensure that homeowners can renovate their homes with peace of mind!

Platform Features

  • Open Group Buys
  • Limited Group Buys
  • Community Groups
  • Contractor Portal