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We make many alterations to our homes, for a wide variety of reasons! Sometimes, we do so, in order to address a specific family need, or priority. Other times, we decide to, either, update, and/ or, upgrade, some component, and/ or, components of the specific house. However, it is important, and wise, for homeowners, to recognize, different renovations, have a widely different impact, on the potential value of the house, and, often, the most expensive, extensive moves, are not the ones, with the best, return on investment, or ROI. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 minor renovations, which, generally provide, the best, financial return.

1. Garage door replacement: Although, we often, fail to pay, sufficient attention, to the appearance, and function, of our garage doors, it has been shown, to be, one renovation, which, often, provides the highest return, on our investment. Not only is this a functional consideration, but, often a cosmetic one, also. When, you go, to sell your home, potential buyers, observe these types of issues, from the perspective of how the present owner, cares for his house.

2. Manufactured stone veneer: The outside appearance of a house, is one of the first thing, a potential buyer, will probably notice, as he drives – up. Manufactured stone veneer, is often, considered, an upgrade, and, is, usually, easy to maintain, and makes the overall appearance of the property, more appealing.

3. Minor kitchen remodel: Extremely expensive, kitchen renovations, often, provides a low, return on investment, because fads, trends, and styles, are often, individual, and quickly lose their value. On the other hand, a minor remodel, which might include refacing certain kitchen cabinets, updating/ upgrading countertops, replacing kitchen floors, etc, often creates a significant return, because, it introduces, a better image, and first impression.

4. Wood deck additions/ improvements: When we add to a wood deck, or stain, and refinish it, these improvements, generally, produce good returns, especially if done wisely, and with attention to using a budget, focused on bang – for – the – buck!

5. Siding replacement: When a house looks shabby, or unattractive, it might make sense to replace the siding, either of the full – house, or, certain parts.

6. Entry door replacement: The entry door, is often, either a visual winner, or loser! In the longer run, it often makes sense, to replace the original front door, to a steel door, because it is generally, more energy-efficient, and requires far less maintenance. etc.

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